Finding Your Home in the Swamp!

Finding your home in Gainesville is one of the most important parts of your transition to Gainesville.

Many first-year students elect to live on-campus in a dorm. The most popular dorm is Broward Hall or Rawlings Hall. Personally, I chose to live in Springs, which is a bit farther from the center of campus. Here is a link to the different housing options on campus.

In November of your first year, you will have to decide whether to stay on campus for another year or move off campus. 

In the Housing presentation at Preview, they said that 75 percent of students move off campus after their first year. That statistic is most likely true. Out of the four roommates last year (including me), three chose to live in an apartment off campus.

There are perks and amenities to both. Here are a few of them: 


  • Small, quaint space
  • One-time rent payment (on a semester basis)
  • Location (the heart of the UF campus)
  • Maintenance and repairs are included in your rent 


  • More space and more privacy
  • Monthly rent payments, which are sometimes less expensive than the dorms
  • Location is either super close to campus or a short bus ride (depends)
  • Parking a car is easier (depends)

For me, I chose to live on campus because it’s convenient in both location and price.

This is my second year in a double suite dorm. I share a bathroom with three people and share a room with one person.

Half-room view of a suite-style dormitory in Springs Residential Complex. 

Next year, I am moving into one of the apartment-style dorms on campus. I will have my own room, two bathrooms, a kitchen for just me (and my roommates) and a living room. 

Overall, the biggest factor is the price and if you are willing to ride the bus from your apartment every day. 

Here is a link to off-campus housing resources:

Whether you choose a dorm or an apartment, living in Gainesville is fun! After all, you are close to the Swamp!

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