Finding Your Dream Internship Through the C3

The Career Connections Center (C3) is truly a wonderful resource when it comes to finding your dream internship or job.

The C3 hosts the Career Showcase each Fall and Spring semester. 

They also help plan events for different colleges, such as the College of Journalism and Communications’ Career Day. The center is the go-to for resume and cover letter critiques. As a UF student, the CCC is your best resource. 

All but two of the colleges within the University have a CCC Liaison. This is probably the easiest way to talk to someone about career goals, internships and job hunting. It makes it feel less intimidating if you are speaking to someone who is familiar with the careers that apply to the majors within your college.

This list displays the liaisons for each college within the University of Florida. Meeting with your liaison is the best way to get ready for your internship search.

I asked Jaysen Williams, the College of Journalism and Communications C3 liaison, for five career-related tips for young professionals. Here is what he had to say:

Think critically about your career 

While you don’t have to all of the answers as it relates to your career immediately, think critically about your goals and plans. (i.e. Why do you want to go into this industry? What do you want to gain from this position?)

Be organized

While searching for jobs/internships, create a system that allows you to keep each job description easily accessible should you be offered an opportunity to interview. Staying organized can possibly make the entire job search process (and your chosen career path) a bit easier.

Practice patience…and reflect

Securing a job/internship is a process. At times, you will not receive immediate feedback. During those times of seemingly inactivity and a lack of a timely response from an employer, take time to relax and remind yourself of all the hard work you did to get to where you’re at. Reflection gives you an opportunity to think about and strengthen your skills.

Control those things you can control

While we cannot force an employer to extend an offer to us, we can take steps to be seen as the best candidate. Tailor your resume, cover letter and all other career documents to the job/internship you’re seeking. Research the organization and make sure you can make connections between your experience and the opportunity you’re pursuing.

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance

You’re not required to have every answer to how to navigate the career search process. Connecting with people who are willing to assist you could possibly lead to a more enjoyable search. As a UF student, be sure to take advantage of the Career Connections Center located in the Reitz Union. Those who work in the Center can provide tips and best practices as it relates to career. Think about your network and take note of those who could help you.

Jaysen Williams, College of Journalism and Communications CCC Liaison

As a first-year student, I waited until my spring semester to meet with a career coach in the C3. Granted, the visit fulfilled a class assignment. But, I went and met with the liaison for my college to get my resume critiqued in preparation for Career Day.  Mark my words: This was one of the best assignments I ever had to complete. This meeting set everything in motion for my personal growth as a young professional and student. 

During the summer, I reached out to the CCC during my internship search for advice on cover letters and resumes. The CCC guided me throughout the entire process. Flash forward to August 2018, I was hired as an intern.

The Career Connections Center is dedicated to helping students find their dream internships and jobs year-round! Use it to your advantage! And remember: fulfilling your dream starts with YOU! 

For more information about the CCC, visit

 Think critically about your career, goals and plans. The time you spend at the University of Florida is meant for you to develop personally and professionally. Embrace it. 
The Career Connections Center is located on the first floor of the Reitz Union.

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