How My Study Habits Have Changed at the University of Florida

Hi friends! Happy Spring Semester! Happy 2019! Can you believe midterm season is upon us already?

Today, I’m talking about how my study habits have changed since I started at UF. If you know me, you know that I was the flashcard queen in high school. My study methods are still the same in college, for the most part. So, here’s the rundown:

  • Quizlet aka Everyone’s Favorite Study Aid
    I started using Quizlet towards the end of my time at Santa Fe College, but this habit carried over to UF, too. During my first semester, I faced many multiple choice exams where knowing the definitions and terms was essential. My second semester was the same way, for the most part. After I changed my major, I took an American history class where I had to know critical points for the essays I wrote during exams. It took some planning before importing to Quizlet, but it worked out well. Quizlet is always my #1 study buddy.
  • Studying for Essay Exams
    Last fall, I enrolled in a political science class with two written exams throughout the entire semester. It was challenging and forced me to study differently than I did in my American history class. I came out of the course with an A, so whatever I did worked. I found myself writing out the vocabulary study guide information in a Word document and printing that out to read over it about 50 times.
  • Note Sheets
    This is similar to what I did in my political science class, except I used this strategy for my data literacy class. The class required me to watch lectures and attend class to take quizzes. The lectures contained nitty-gritty details. If you didn’t pay attention during the entire lecture, you without a doubt missed something and your quiz grade reflected that. While watching the lectures, I wrote out my notes. Leading up to class, I rewatched the lectures and typed my notes out for the big exams later in the semester. This method worked well for both exams.

Overall, I would say that these methods work well for me at UF. Of course, everyone is different. But, if you’re a student looking for a new approach, wondering how to study at UF, or want to know about some good ways to study in college, these tips are great!

Study hard! See you next time!

– Sarah

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